Mystery Photos

If you can identify anyone in these photos, please call or email us with your information:

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This photo is no longer a mystery thanks to David Dossett and Bill Bryan. The picture was taken around 1946 or 47 and these are the names of those they could identify. Thank you so much for your help!

Bottom row(from left): Bobby Auten, Fred Fehney(Snyder), David Dossett, Pat Cotton, Norma Jo Dishnan
Row 2:  Robert Throtmorten, Mary Funk(I think), Janice Sanders(Ithink), Lyn Maddox, Sarah Howell, Bill Bryan(Me), ??
Row 3:  ??, Roger Sweeney, ??, Mary Dell Pound, Barbara Gordon, Suzanne Bartlett, ??
Top Row:  ??, ??, ??, teacher Willie Belle Adams, Twila Marsh, Peggy Phillips, Johnny Lee Bruner


We believe this is the 1941-42 1st grade class at Capitol Heights School.

We also believe Emma Cherry is the teacher pictured.


This is a picture of the First Christian Pee Wee Baseball team and Bill Brewer is the coach on the right.