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Congratulations HHS Seniors!

BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER! They may have received their high school diploma this past week, but they will forever remain Wolverines and Wolverettes. Seniors picture are – Front Row: (Top Ten) l-rК Franchesca Garlett, Kirstan Clark, Mitchell Brigden, Cheyenne Woodrow Lankford, Abby McElroy, Angel Johnson, Michelle O’Kelley, Jacob Gardner, Taylor Janes, Hattie Starry. 2ndКRow: Whitney Keenom, Linsey Sanders, Heather Townley, Rachel Arguelles, Samantha Moppin, Samantha Johnson, Jamie Sigman, Bradi Carter, Trevor Keefer, Kylah Lowe, Whitney Hood, Nicholas Lucas, Austin Brown, Jessica Brown, Aspen Wardlow, Octavia Irving, Brittney Zellner. 3rdКrow: Damien Ruiz, Serenity Conley-Hanks, Ty Curtis, Rebecca Stone, Brendan Owens, D’Angelo Moore, Rolando Vazquez, Nicole Womack, Martina Roberts, Lindsay Maxwell, Savannah Lantz, Lindsay Paige Azlin, Mikayla Morrison, Jaret Sherrin 4thКrow: Dustiauhanna Harriman-Combs, Shane Patton, Thomas Clark, Calis Phillips, Daniel Chapman, Cameron Grizzle, Michael Day, Benjamin Wood, Seth Walker, Justin Franks, Keith Factor, Derrick Williams, Kevin Footracer, Zackary May, Tiberius Dodson, Emma Sherry, Colton Shepherd, Dalton Stafford, Steven Powell

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